Ramadan 2024 - EMIRATES FOUNDATION - # NE’MA -National Food Loss and Waste Initiative

In partnership with Emirates Foundation, we CCI France UAE are thrilled to share with you the NE’MA Food Rescue Program during this period of Ramadan 2024. We warmly invite you to join the movement, whether being a corporation and/or an individual, to contribute and help families in needs:

  1. Volunteering in the “Family Iftar Boxes” Initative
  • Get involved in Packing and/or Distributing Family Iftar Boxes
  • Available at 2 locations in Abu Dhabi City

Please Register Here :


Join the Community Fridges Initiative

  • 500+ meals /day
  • Participate in one of the 6 Fridges located in Abu Dhabi
  • Food Doners Contributions in collaboration with Hotel/Restaurants
  • Engaged in the collection processs daily after IFTAR / 30 Days
  1. Sponsorship Opportunities
  • Sponsors a Fridge for AED 23,000 or More;

One Fridge handle 2,700 meals containers/month 

  • Make donations for Familly Iftar Boxes

200 Boxes : AED 23,000/ 500 Boxes : AED 50,000/ 1000 Boxes : AED 97,000

Let’s Stand Together: Join us in this essential Food & Rescue cause to support and uplift our community during Ramadan 2024. Together WE CAN Contribute – WE CAN Make a Difference!

Download NE’MA  Food Rescue Ramadan Brochure

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