[Replay] On the path to COP28 series

Review of COP27 Outcomes and how can COPs be a platform for Business

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As part of its ESG initiatives CCI France UAE is pleased to present part 1 of the COP28 series

Why are COPs essential to the international debate and a driving force to the Business world sustainable transition.

  • Key note speech: Brune Poirson (Chief Sustainability Officer Accor - Former Secretary of State, Environment, France)

What is a COP and how can Businesses position themselves on COP28.

  • Presentation by Paul Watkinson (Advisor to the Minister of Climate Change and Environment of the United Arab Emirates · Ministry of Climate Change and Environment)

What is a COP? Review of COP27 outcomes and insights on what we should expect of COP28:

  • Panel discussion (Alex Misseri, Daxita Rajcoomar (Chief Sustainability Officer ENGIE Middle East), Paul Watkinson)

Q&A session COPs

What are ESG and how can they benefit your business?

  • Presentation of Chalhoub practical Business case: Florence Bulte (Chief Sustainability Officer Chalhoub)

What is CCI France UAE planning to do to accompany its business community on the path to sustainable business:

  • Presentation of CCI France UAE ESG program: Fabienne Wooldridge (Head of ESG Programs CCI France UAE)

Q&A session ESG

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