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Carbon Credits
: Carbon Credits are tradeable certificates that constitute an offset of 1 ton of CO2 or CO2e from the atmosphere. 

Carbon Emissions: The release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. It can also be a catchall term related to other GHG emissions when quantified and converted to CO2e.

Carbon Offset: A project or an activity that reduces or removes carbon emissions from the atmosphere to compensate unavoidable emissions produced by others.

Carbon Tax: An environmental tax or penalty regulated by government that organizations have to pay for their excessive production of carbon dioxide and other GHG.

Carbon Sink: A natural or engineered ressource that has the ability to store and remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Carbon Neutral: Anthropogenic carbon dioxide emissions emitted into the atmosphere is balanced with carbon dioxide offsets from the reduction and removal projects.

Carbon Dioxide Equivalent (CO2e): A metric used to calculate all GHG emissions. It combines all greenhouse gases (eg. Methane, Nitrous Oxide, and etc) in one. By comparing its global warming potential against CO2.

Carbon Market: There are two types:  compliance market and voluntary market. Both of these markets conducts the trade of carbon credits.

Carbon registry: An organization that verifies and validates the reduction/protection/removal of carbon emissions, and issues carbon credits certificates based on its developed methodologies.

Carbon Accounting: The quantification of carbon emissions and reductions, it complements GHG accounting.


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