Bio-Design & Industry : TROUVAY & CAUVIN and the French Embassy Present Biomimetic “Ghaf Tree” Art Piece

In an exemplary display of artistic and industrial collaboration, TROUVAY & CAUVIN hosted an In-Company Research Artist Residency, organized by the French Embassy’s cultural department (Institut Français des Emirats Arabes Unis). This unique initiative, involving French-Emirati duo research residencies, focused on exploring sustainability through the lens of biomimetics in various design fields. The primary goal was to foster France-UAE cooperation in developing tangible sustainable solutions leading up to COP28 in Dubai

French artist Léopold Viviant and Emirati artist Mazyar Etehadi joined forces to create a remarkable art piece, symbolizing the fusion of nature and industry. Using the new AGILIUM® cast iron series from PAM Building, the artists drew an intriguing parallel between building water networks and the roots of the Ghaf Tree, the National tree of the UAE. This art piece was then presented and exhibited in Alserkal Foundation Avenue in Al Qoz, Dubai.

The AGILIUM® cast iron series, being 30% lighter and 20% lower in CO2e, embodies all the qualities of the PAM Building cast iron drainage solutions, with additional benefits in terms of installation and environmental impact, making it a more sustainable choice.

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