Water Treatment - 1st December


In partnership with Schneider Electric, we were thrilled to participate in the 'Latest French Innovation in Water Treatment and Resource Impact Reduction' Exclusive C-levels Panel, Schneider Electric organized at its booth at COP28 Green Zone.

Engaging with Industry Leaders & Learning More: about innovative work carried out by Veolia – CEO UAE Thierry Dezenclos, Euphrates Energies SAS – Director Pia Boyer and Schneider Electric- VP Industrial Automation Georges EL MIR; with a special shoutout to our fantastic moderator, Lionel Rabin - CEO HALTIQA - Bridging Energies, for guiding the insightful discussions.

Our Takeaways

  1. Decarbonization: concrete examples of carbon footprint reduction of water production such as VEOLIA desalination plant in Sur, Oman powered by solar energy, joint collaboration between VEOLIA and SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC on wastewater plant and desalination units in both KSA and UAE.
  2. Leverage Through Technology : SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC'S AI approach to water plants operations data management, process diagnostic and optimization implementation.
  3. ZLD (Zero Liquid Discharge) approach (ex. NEOM complex project) and contribution of both VEOLIA and SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC to lowering waste discharge impact to coastal areas in the GCC.
  4. Brine Mining: extraction and monetization of green by-products from brine processing such as Caustic Soda, Chlorine derivatives, hydrogen, and valuable metals (Lithium, Calcium, Magnesium, Uranium).
  5. France water decarbonation and brine mining : R&D structures, capabilities, and appetite for international partnership with UAE and more generally GCC counterparts.

Beyond hope, there's action!  The future of sustainable desalination is not just promising—it's unfolding now.

Let's embrace innovation for a greener tomorrow!



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