COP28 Conference Series – Exclusive C-levels Panels N4 : Green Mobility - 6th December

Schneider Electric & CCI France UAE Takeaways at COP28: Exclusive C-levels Panels No.4 on “Green Mobility” (Dec 6th).


On Day 7 of COP28, dedicated to “Multilevel Action, Urbanization and Built Environment, Transport”, we explored the potential new world of Sustainable Mobility in the “Green Fuels Public Transport, The Solution to Decarbonize Mobility” panel. 

The discussion shed light on the substantial work in progress and the thrilling developments and innovations on the horizon in green mobility. Highlights included :

• Antonia HÖÖG of KEOLIS, CSR and Engagement Director, emphasizing the need to focus on ecosystems, innovation, and digital technology;

• Damien EYRIES from TECHNIP ENERGIES, VP Green Hydrogen and CEO of RELY, discussing the critical demand for alternative solutions at fair prices and the urgency for immediate investment;

• Nirupa CHANDER of SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC, VP - Power Systems - Middle East Africa, advocating for the “Avoid, Shift and Improve” strategy through innovation. 


Our Key Takeaways :

1. Enhancing Ecosystems and Perception: Working around ecosystems, innovation, and digital technology as key enablers, while acknowledging the multifaceted technological challenges ahead. A significant point was to increase awareness and change the perception of public transport as a secondary option.


2. Alternative Solutions and Investment Urgency: The critical demand for alternative, affordably priced solutions and the immediate need for investment. The call for robust partnerships and scaling infrastructure development highlighted the necessity of cross-sectoral collaboration for rapid progress.

3. Innovative Strategies for Mobility: advocacy for the “Avoid, Shift and Improve” strategy via innovation. 

The importance of knowledge sharing and cooperation across the value chain was underlined, citing Singapore's successful model as an exemplary case of “city’s design for the future” and effective public-private partnerships.

The session was expertly guided by Morsi BERGUIGA, Partner at KPMG, Transport & Logistics

 Special thanks to Capucine JEUNET and the exceptional team at Schneider Electric for their impeccable organization of this insightful panel.


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