ESG Focus Newsletter - August 2023

Welcome to our Summer ESG FOCUS Newsletter!

Now that we’re all back in the UAE, we are eager to share with you the freshest summer updates on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) developments, as we draw nearer to COP28 .

In this Edition, you will discover:

  • ESG's Rising Priority: Learn how ESG has become the 2nd top priority for procurement executives worldwide. Dive into the International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB), which sets a universal "Global Baseline" for sustainability reporting, and explore the European Union's pivotal legislation on land and sea recovery for nature protection.

  • Spotlight on Best Practices: Explore the top practices from our community in renewable energy and food sustainability.

  • Insights into COP28: Gain insights into COP28's four paradigm shifts, discover the “Sponsor and Showcase Briefing” inviting the private sector to provide impactful actions and solutions, and heed the call to governments for regenerative agriculture.

Stay with us until September when we’ll unveil our upcoming initiatives aimed at assisting you with your carbon footprint assessment and actions plan, as we keep moving together towards sustainability.

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