ESG/COP28 Focus Newsletter - October 2023

We anticipated that COP28 UAE would be the “COP of Action”, and indeed, it is!

🌍 Today, in our October edition, we have selected for you meaningful and impactful actions launched by the COP28 Presidency in recent weeks, which integrate nature with our core business supply chain - the SMEs:

  • Nurturing Nature: 10 Mangroves Planted for Each Attendee

  • Net-Zero Blueprint for MENA SMEs: launched by COP28 Presidency’s Major Partnerships

  • Where Nature and Climate Action Intersect

🔎 Furthermore, we have integrated insightful feedback from our astute members’ community, showcasing the proactive measures and sustainability pathways taken by our members:

  • RECAPP by Veolia : UAE's leading mobile app for doorstep waste collection

  • FAB’s 6-points Agenda: Sheds light on its central COP28 policy objectives

📰 Lastly, we offer a “snapshot” overview of the UAE’s journey towards sustainability, exploring the power and resilience we can harness together, especially through our collaboration with the pivotal financial sector:

  • UAE Industries' Net Zero Readiness: an in depth report showcasing the sustainability stance of UAE's diverse sectors and industries (ANZ Team 2023 Survey - September);

  • Water Warning: Highlighting the urgency of the global water situation today ( World Economic Forum – WATER – Oct 12, 2023);

  • Shared Vision, Shared Investment: The Crucial Interplay of Partnerships and Finance Towards Sustainability (ACCURACY Report – June 2023).

Together, as a united community, keep on inspire one another, and continue leading the way:

Enjoy the read!

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