ESG Focus Newsletter - September 2023

COP28 is On the Horizon!

As the countdown to COP28 begins, let's not see it merely as a finish line but as a significant step in our ongoing journey. Today, we stand united at this critical intersection of the "How" and "Now", building on the foundational "What" of the COP21/Paris Agreement.

We now gather at the crossroads, ready to act. This edition champions the pragmatism. It's about enhancing our existing sustainable strategies and understanding the urgency of now:

  • In this new phase, we highlight the dynamic role of Chief Sustainability Officers, explore cutting-edge Wastewater Solutions, and amplify knowledge in Renewable Energy;

  • Remembering that when it comes to sustainability, Collaboration is key, we urge YOU, our diverse members across sectors, to share and learn from each other's best sustainability practices;

  • Additionally, we present the freshest insights from the COP28 Thematic Program. Embracing the synergy of our collective voices, we invite you to Step In and take the Stage as speaker at COP28. And also to engage today with the "Waste to Zero" initiative and be at the forefront of Waste Decarbonization.

Let's unite, stay updated, and collaboratively steer the change.

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