ESG/COP28 Focus Newsletter - January 2024

Dear Friend,

As we take a moment to step back, let’s appreciate the historic challenge of COP28 that we all witnessed and actively participated in towards the end of 2023, here in the UAE.

We were part of an incredible movement, where worldwide leading stakeholders came together, united by a shared vision and relentless efforts, culminating in the successfully delivery of "The UAE Consensus" on December 13th. This consensus is pivotal, hosting the first Global Stocktake and setting out the ambitious actions required to keep the crucial target of 1.5°C within our reach.

For many of us, COP28 was not just a conference; it was a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, a journey we were privileged to embark on together. In collaboration with our Key members at CCI France UAE, we partnered in numerous ESG events, conferences series, and workshops raising awareness within our community and beyond, while collectively striving daily for a sustainable and inclusive future for all.

Today, we want to share, in this Special Edition of “The ESG Focus Newsletter,” dedicated to “COP28 Insights & Perspectives”, the valuable takeaways legacy from COP28 (I) Additionally, we'll exchange our COP28 practices and learnings within our community, drawing from your insightful feedback on the survey we conducted at the beginning of January (II) . We extend our heartfelt thanks for your valuable contributions and feedback, which have been instrumental in shaping this edition.


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