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Gamned!: ‘AI has the potential to surpass humans’

Artificial Intelligence (AI) presents an array of new possibilities for transforming our lives and is already impacting all industries,

including digital marketing. While some view AI with excitement, others see it as a source of deep anxiety. 

AI has demonstrated numerous successes, specifically in audience analysis, optimization, and the automation of advertising campaigns. Despite this, integrating AI into our industries requires humility and responsibility for users and society to remain safe.

Embracing AI 

Machines can perform the 4 cycles defining intelligence (perception, processing analysis, decision, and action) far faster than humans. AI has the potential to surpass humans, especially when it comes to performing repetitive and routine tasks. 

One of the most important and known generative AI language models is ChatGPT but now it has a key competitor called Bard, developed by Google. Bard’s demo taught us a valuable lesson about the potential risks of AI mistakes.

During its first demonstration, Bard made a big mistake by giving the wrong answer to a question. This mistake caused Google’s parent company, Alphabet Inc, to lose about 100 billion dollars, which is a large amount equivalent to a 9% decrease in their market value.

It’s critical to understand that generative AI language models like ChatGPT and Bard aren’t always the perfect solution to our everyday problems, especially at work. 

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