Board of Directors

CCI FRANCE UAE Board of Directors have been elected in November 2021, by our Members. 

The Directors has been elected for 2 years, and shall be responsible to govern, oversee and supervise the continuity and directions of the of CCI FRANCE UAE and shall particularly:

  • define and implement the orientations, plans and strategies;
  • appoint special temporary or permanent committees;
  • oversee the financial management as per the parameters set-out under Article VII;
  • prepare and approve the By-laws and Policies;
  • approve and control the budget ;
  • validate decisions submitted by the Executive Committee or the Managing Director;
  • maintain offices and obtain any offices or facilities;
  • carry out all other activities vested to it by the Articles of Association or relevant with the Objects;
Geoffroy BUNETEL CCI FRANCE UAE President | Chalhoub Group
Nathalie AMIEL-FERRAULT CCI FRANCE UAE Vice-President | Independent CMO-CXO & Consultant
Magalie LEMAIRE CCI FRANCE UAE Vice-President | TotalEnergies
Stephanie MARCO CCI FRANCE UAE General Secretary | EDF
Joseph MOUSSALLEM CCI FRANCE UAE Deputy General Secretary | Igienair Middle East
Christine RIZZATO-CORCODYLOS CCI FRANCE UAE Treasurer | Grospiron International
Martin TRONQUIT CCI FRANCE UAE Deputy Treasurer | Infomineo
Stephane BRISMONTIER Culture Emulsion
Florence FONTANI ENGIE - International Power S A (Dubai branch)
Valerie HAWLEY Sorbonne Centre for Artificial Intelligence
Jean-Marc LOURAU Gyma Food Industries LLC / BAYARA / KAMALI
Tarek SOLIMANE Thales Group
Marie-Laure TASSIN Veolia Middle East
Coline TATIBOUET Bel Middle East
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