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With more than 100 events organised per year gathering around 6,000 attendees, CCI France UAE is a one of the key player in the French, Francophone and Francophile Business community in the United Arab Emirates.

CCI France UAE has developed several sectorial committees, working groups, clubs, conferences with the ambition to be an efficient source of best practices and information and a networking platform for professionals.  

From specific subjects to general topics, the committees deliver key information on doing business in the UAE and in the Middle-East. 

French Tuesday in Dubai, French Wednesday in Abu Dhabi

The most famous monthly networking evenings! These networking event are the perfect get together for people interested in doing business with or within the business community in the UAE, developing their contacts in a friendly atmosphere.

  • Frequency :
    • French Tuesday in Dubai: every first Tuesday of the month, except in August.
    • French Wednesday in Abu Dhabi: every second Wednesday of the month, except in August.
  • Attendees : 100 to 150 corporate representatives.
  • Entrance : 
    • French Tuesday in Dubai : free event for Members - reserved to Members 
    • French Wednesday in Abu Dhabi : free event for Members - reserved to Members 

Sectoral Committees

Participate in our industry committees to exchange market information, develop your network and promote your expertise.

Meet the CEO

"Meet the CEO" is a great opportunity for SMEs and Entrepreneurs to meet with a CEO of a multi-national company. The aim is quite simple: each month, a CEO will meet individually during half an hour an entrepreneur or SME. The CEO will be available for a 3-hour period, and will meet up to 6 companies, selected according to their business relevance for his MNC.

  • Fréquency : once a month.
  • Attendees : Entreprneurs and SME - selected by the CEO.
  • Price :  free event for Members - open only to Members

Inter Business Council

This event gather more than 20 business councils based in the United Arab Emirates. This is a unique opportunity to meet other business communities and get to know other key players in the market. 

  • Frequency : once a year
  • Attendees : 600 et 800 corporate representatives from various business communities

Working Groups

CCI FRANCE UAE organizes Working Groups to provide members with the opportunity to exchange freely on common topics and have access to the most relevant and useful information in their daily work. .

It is also an great opportunity to develop cooperation, networking and business opportunities among members. These working groups are round tables, gathering about 20 attendees.  


CCI France UAE organizes conferences all year around. They can either be:
- Country Conferences: with a focus on a country or region, most of the time with a speech/presentation of the French Ambassador of the country followed by a discussion panel. 
- Conference on a dedicated theme: with an economic , commercial or social theme, such as Blockchain, Entrepreneurship, Labor Law..


CCI FRANCE UAE organizes Business and Entrepreneurship Clubs to offer our members the opportunity to share freely on common topics.

It is also a great opportunity to develop synergiesnetworking and business opportunities among members.

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