Focus COP28 Workshop: Schneider Electric in Partnership with CCI France UAE - Empowering SMEs in Carbon Footprint Management

We explored how to assist SMEs in tracking and reducing their environmental impact through three interactive and tailor-made workshops, featuring “ZEIGO Activate”: A simple tool designed to calculate SMEs' carbon footprint and prepare action plans for environmental impact reduction.

Dec 9 : Industry Sector

Dec 10 : Services Sector

Dec 11 : IT Sector

Each workshop session was expertly led by Vishnu NAIR, a key member of Schneider Electric’s team who developed the “Zeigo Activate” platform..

Our Key Takeaways :

1. Track and Measure Emissions: Addressing one of CEOs' primary concerns, we move beyond the hesitation of “I Would Rather Give No Data Than Wrong Data.” The solution lies in straightforward, user-friendly digital tools, with enterprises turning to such tools to catch up.

2. Set Decarbonization Targets: Tailoring targets to each organization's structure, focusing on impactful areas such as energy, fleet, and heating emissions.

3. Customized Roadmaps for Goals: Developing tailored strategies for the most effective impact, including incentives like the “Sustainability Impact Award”, improved financing conditions (e.g., payment terms from 90 days reduced to 30 days), and support through sponsorships for extending ZEIGO access within the supply chain to ensure consistent data collection.

4. Access to an Open Marketplace of Solution Providers: Providing specialized solutions through other service providers to meet more specific needs across different sectors, including waste management.

Now, it’s time to act swiftly, advancing in your Race to Net Zero and preparing your decarbonization action plan: We are not just discussing the future; we are shaping it !car

👥 Special thanks to Capucine JEUNET and the outstanding team at Schneider Electric for their impeccable organization of these insightful workshops.



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