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About the United Arab Emirates

Situated  at  a  crossroads  between  the  West  and  the  East,  the  United  Arab  Emirates  (UAE)  offers the image of a strong and prosperous economy and stable politics in a turbulent regional context.  
The second largest economy in the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf (CCEAG) behind Saudi Arabia, with a GDP/capita of $71,548 in 2019, the GDP of the United Arab Emirates is largely dominated by the Emirate of Abu Dhabi (+60%), which ensures more than 90% of the production of hydrocarbons and manages the bulk of the savings accumulated in sovereign funds (ADIA, Mubadala). 

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Olivier MORIN

Deputy Director - Abu Dhabi office & Head of Business Prospecting


+971 2 674 1137

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  • To get to know better the UAE, its potential and the Middle East in general,
  • To understand the local economic environment,
  • Create synergies between our countries and business environments,
  • To identify the key sectors, major players and business opportunities, 
  • To have an insight of the culture and its impact on business practices, 
  • To meet companies already established in the UAE and discuss common professional interests

Our offer

Program: a tailor made offer adaptable to your needs and budget.

  •  B2B meetings (individual and/or group): we put together a tailor-made program enabling you to explore business opportunities in Dubai and the region for your company, 
  • Business networking: an opportunity to meet and mingle with key local players and the business community representatives: CCI FRANCE UAE can organize your dinners, cocktails or lunches: We source the venue, potential guest speakers, invite key participants relevant to your business objectives. We can develop  themed  events  such  as  “Sustainability”, “Future cities” etc…
  • Site  visits:  discover  the  UAE.  We  organize business themed tours in the UAE that enable you to discover the country from a business touristic angle.  Ex:  Architectural  tour,  Sustainable  tour  or Visit  a  solar  farm  in  the  desert,  Visit  Abu  Dhabi port etc
  • Your  stay:  we  give  you  access  to  negotiated rates  with  hotels  and  can  organize  collective transportation 
  • Welcoming dinner
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