ESG Focus Newsletter - May 2023

On the occasion of the YEAR OF SUSTAINABILITY in the UAE, while being also on the path toward COP 28 that will be held in Dubai from 30 November until 12 December 2023, we are thrilled to launch our monthly ESG/COP28 Newsletter and to announce the publication of The ESG Guide 2023, on our CCI France UAE ESG Platform.

Sustainability strategy in our businesses is a crucial element that customers, investors and business partners are relying on to support the battle against climate change, inequality, promoting social justice, and ensuring good governance.

We are confident that The ESG GUIDE 2023 as well as our regular monthly update ESG/COP28 Newsletter will be valuable resources for you as you embark on your sustainability journey, navigate the complex world of sustainability and put useful, effective solutions in your business while promoting environmental and social good.

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