How to change our habits?

Unveiling the Triangle of Inaction: Who's Really Responsible for Climate Change?

With COP28 approaching, scheduled to take place in Dubai from November 30 to December 12, we feel all deeply concerned about the effects of climate change. Undoubtedly, this impacts us all.

The big question we all ask ourselves though: Are we all responsible?

Have you heard of the Triangle of Inaction? This triangle represents the parties who deflect blame.

  • Citizens: "It's the politicians who should take action."
  • Politicians: "Businesses are the main polluters."
  • Businesses: "We produce what citizens demand."

As citizens, we might feel that our actions only account for 0.000001%, but this doesn't consider the power of influence. We set an example, and if many of us make changes in our behavior, our collective impact can grow.

As citizens, it’s through our small actions and more responsible choices that we influence businesses to modify their offerings. This is known as the “Demand-led Ecology” – driving change through our purchasing power.

In the UAE, three companies who share common values – sustainability, well-being and authenticity – have come together to propose to Corporates that they offer their employees meaningful gifts this year.

As the year-end holidays approach, it's time to provide gifts that trigger a change in habits!

Change your habits!

That's the name of the new campaign offered by MyAuthentikSpoon, Because You Care, and Camel Soap Factory.

The goal of this initiative is to offer a End of Year set that has meaning, featuring everyday products made in Dubai:

An Eco-friendly laundry detergent, a small pot of 10 washes from Because You Care, a solid shampoo and conditioner from Camel Soap Factory, and an online DETOX masterclass from MyAuthentikSpoon Academy.

The End of Year Set is designed to spread positive change among your employees and partners. It includes everyday gifts that everyone can use, along with insights to help people better understand how to establish new food habits for lasting well-being.

To learn more and order your Change You Habits sets, we invite you to click here for further information and/or contact Nabil (nabil(@), Olivia (hello(@) ou Bahareh (bahar(@)


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