How to reduce your carbon footprint in 3 hours? Discover the 2tonnes workshop!

Imagine the future and take action for the climate! Project yourself to 2050, discover the individual and collective levers of low-carbon transition.

At a time when everyone is talking about COP28 in Dubai, when climate change is regularly in the news, and when everyone is beginning to realize that action is needed, no one quite knows where to start .... What individual actions should be prioritized? What collective actions should we invest in? How can we influence the collective?

That's why François Laugier and Pierre-Alix Lloret-Bavai co-founded the 2tonnes workshop in 2020 with a clear mission: to accelerate the transition by getting society's stakeholders moving.
The workshop was created in France, and last August, the Emirates welcomed Marion Désormeaux, the workshop's first local facilitator!
Marion has been facilitating 2tonnes in France for almost 2 years, creating an immersive, allegorical and educational experience for participants to make them aware of their power to act and inspire them to take action.

The 2tonnes workshop invites participants to explore the future as a team and try to limit climate change by achieving the famous 2tonnes per person per year by 2050.
To ensure a systemic understanding of the issues at stake, the workshop takes into account the individual and collective dimensions of the subject, without forgetting the role of influence, a key issue in the transformation of society.

Aimed at both novices and experts in the field of climate change, it's also a real serious game, designed to bring people together for debate, so that everyone can have fun and express their opinions.
Want to know what role you can play in the transition, as a citizen or as an organization? Join Virginie (LVMH FB) and Sonia (HEC Paris), who attended the workshop with Marion this year:

Once again, a huge thank you for this morning's workshop! The group loved it. Apart from the content and dynamics of the workshop, which were great, we really liked the way you ran it. Virginie De Montmarin, HR Development Director, LVMH Fragrance Brands

Thank you so much for the excellent workshop this morning! I really appreciated the group dynamics as well as your presentation, advice and kindness. Sonia Fauro, Admissions Officer, HEC Paris

We've already had 86,000 participants, so why not try out the workshop yourself? Contact Marion on 0555 94 63 18!


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