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In 2022, Veolia launched a survey called the Ecological Transformation Barometer, in 25 countries worldwide, including the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia for the Middle East region.

The results of this study has shown, among other things, that there is a real need to raise awareness on the environment and sustainable development in this region.
Hence the launch of Veolia's first "Let's turn the tide" podcast, dedicated to sustainability topics explained by experts, and aiming towards the local communities and the population.

Here are the results for the data related to the UAE :


Let’s Turn The Tide Podcast!

This podcast is a platform for exchange and discussion on environmental topics. Based on the results of the Ecological Transformation Barometer, it aims to describe the current situation and discuss innovative solutions: what has been done here, what exists elsewhere, what could be done, and how is the population involved? What is the role of major industries, public institutions and citizens?

In each episode, a Veolia expert shares concrete examples that demonstrate the role Veolia plays on a daily basis in supporting the countries of the region in their ecological transformation. The podcast is filmed and the full episode is diffused on Veolia Near & Middle East Youtube channel, as well as on Spotify for the audio only.

Our episodes

Episode 01 : Food Waste
Episode 02 : Biodiversity in the UAE
Episode 03 : Plastic Pollution
Episode 04 : Awareness and Education
Episode 05 : The Green Generation : Tomorrow’s leaders, Today’s actions (live event)

Our Special Series “Voices of COP”

Veolia Near & Middle East is dedicated to supporting the significant momentum occurring during the Year of Sustainability in the UAE. We are achieving this by launching a podcast series focused on COP28. This is a critical juncture for the UAE, and our goal is to raise awareness among the general public about the importance of COP meetings and their pivotal role in the fight against climate change.

We take pride in introducing our special podcast series, "Voices of COP," which is designed to foster awareness and amplify the voices driving environmental and climate action. In each episode, we will host a diverse range of guests, including climate scientists, policymakers, NGOs, climate negotiators, and youth who are shaping COP.

We will delve into pressing challenges such as limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees, climate finance, and food security, while sharing stories that shape the global climate agenda. We aim to make this series accessible to the general public, bringing them closer to the significance of COP28 and what is at stake.

Our mission is to ensure the entire region becomes COP-aware, leaving no one behind in this important endeavor!

Watch the podcast

Our host Nadine Zidani

Nadine Zidani is a sustainability and climate activist, entrepreneur, and impact strategist. She is the founder of Mena Impact, a purpose-driven company with a mission to integrate impact at the core of organizations. She works to create an impact-focused ecosystem in the MENA region, contributing to the achievement of the UN SDGs. Nadine has a close collaboration with Veolia Middle East, focusing on impactful communication, which includes the 'Let’s Turn the Tide' podcast. Together, we partner to raise awareness about environmental and climate issues in the Middle East region.


Zineb Chaoudri, Director of Communications at Veolia Near & Middle East
Phone: 0589957518



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