Presenting Custom Software Development offer of TEQ, the leading company in UAE

TEQ, a Dubai-based consulting firm with worldwide clients, was founded by Mario Matar

TEQ, a Dubai-based consulting firm with worldwide clients, was founded by Mario Matar, who has been CTO for more than ten years and had a successful start-up exit in 2019 in France.

Let's dive deep into how we craft software development at TEQ!

You know everything about common software companies.

  • How many LinkedIn messages or emails do you receive from someone who has never released software in his life?
  • How many offers do you get that need more clarity?
  • How often have you heard that an agency has been late for over six months?
  • And how often has your business been stuck because of poor-quality delivery?

Why is software development in TEQ a game-changer for you?

  • TEQ is more than a software development company; you will find the best advisors for bootstrapping or scaling your projects in various tech expertise.
  • Most of us have made exits in France, built successful products, and executed end-to-end large complex system projects to drive company growth. 
  • We develop an IA to ensure the quality of deliveries by running automatic analysis and end-to-end tests.
  • It triggers when a human can take over or when developers should correct some parts of the code.
  • This way, we can continue to release with warranties of quality. 
  • High-tech skills, entrepreneur skills, and quality are at the heart of our offer. 

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