Presenting TEQ and the Cyber Security Audit offer

TEQ, a consulting firm in Dubai with worldwide clients, was founded by Mario Matar, and has been CTO for more than ten years.

TEQ provides four main services:

  • CTO-as-a-Service
  • Cloud/DevOps Architecture and Migration
  • CRM expertise and implementation (for most used CRM/ERP, and we are Odoo partner)
  • Cyber Security Audit

Today, let's go diving deep into cybersecurity audits at TEQ!

Our team is a breaking change in the classic consulting world:

  • Pierre has over a decade of cybersecurity expertise, especially in financial security and cryptocurrencies. His keen insight into vulnerabilities enables him to offer tailored, effective solutions that cater to businesses' unique needs and value creation.
  • Wajdi, a leader in mobile apps, virtual and augmented reality, and a renowned global speaker, currently serving as an Engineering Manager with a cybersecurity focus, will spearhead our mobile application security.
  • As the CTO, my extensive experience, client interactions, and professional network have exposed me to various organizational and technical security challenges.

In short, we are three tech experts with leadership experience.

The Offer at a Glance:

  • Web Application SAST and DAST Audits: We conduct detailed analyses of your source code and applications hosted on your servers, aiming to uncover any potential vulnerabilities, flaws, or exploitable ports and servers.
  • Mobile Application SAST and DAST Audits: Applying the same rigorous standards but specifically tailored to mobile applications and how they interact with their back-end.
  • Analysis and Evaluation: Our thorough evaluation of critical vulnerabilities culminates in a bespoke action plan for decision-makers, stakeholders, and technical teams, enhancing your security posture.
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) Audit: We assess access to key systems like Office365, Active Directory, Google Workspace, and your CRM, identifying access permissions and optimizing restrictions.
  • Backup Verification: We ensure that your databases, online storage spaces (buckets), and physical storage media are properly backed up, safeguarding the security and recoverability of your critical data.

More than just an audit, we give you a clear action plan adapted to the C-Level/Management, including organizational advisory, in addition to the tech reports.

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