COP28 : CCI France UAE Conference : A Deep Dive into Food Handling & Waste Management

COP28 : CCI France UAE Conference - Enlightening Evening at Our “Orange Zone”: A Deep Dive into Food Handling & Waste Management (Dec 7)

Our first panel discussion on “Food Handling & Waste Management”, organized by CCI France UAE in partnership with Alliance Française, and supported by our sponsors BEL and VEOLIA, was truly an amazing learning experience. Witnessing the forefront of French innovation addressing this vital issue in the UAE was both fascinating and inspiring.

Heartfelt thanks to our panelists, who brought their complementary point of view, highlighting the extensive global influence of French expertise - from doctors to engineers and innovators:

A special acknowledgment to our moderator, Adrienne DOOLAN, CEO of GREEN TOUCHES, for your expert guidance and your daily commitment to this crucial topic.

Your Insights gives us all hope, proving that solutions exist and that collectively, each of us, in our own way, no matter how small it may seem, WE CAN play our part, WE CAN have an Impact and make a difference !

Additionally, a nod of appreciation to our French artists, Christophe CHELLAPERMAL and Valerie MANOUVRIER, that offered us in our Gallery their unique and powerful vision, a complementary perspective in raising awareness about the danger facing our planet.

Together, we are reminded: WE CAN, and indeed must, collectively shape a more sustainable world for everyone.

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