Climate Fresk's at COP28: A Pioneering Delegation of 38 Freskers

We had an amazing delegation at COP this year again: 38 freskers teamed up, half coming
from abroad! We were able to be active both in the blue (UN) and green zones.

As a consequence, we were able to fulfill our objective and make +200 meaningful connections
with delegates from all over the UAE - and the world! - which will result in many workshops in

For Climate Fresk, a COP is also the opportunity to strengthen the freskers' community, which
this year materialised in:
- training 36 new facilitators, many of them from the UAE
- having 4 UAE freskers becoming Green Belts (= able to train new facilitators), which will be 
incredibly valuable in growing the local community
- spending countless hours sharing experiences with other freskers from Mexico to Sweden,
Morocco to Singapore
- being inspired by the author of the game and President of the Association, Cedric Ringenbach

We feel lucky and grateful to have had the opportunity to live such a unique experience.

COPs definitely are a milestone when they happen in your country. Thanks to it, we will raise 
the awareness of even more people in the coming months!


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