Law at Work: Your Trusted Employment Law Solution

Law at Work is designed to empower employers with the necessary tools and resources to navigate employment law across jurisdictions.

Law at Work: Your Partner in Employment Law

Clyde & Co’s Employment Team has developed a new monthly subscription platform called Law at Work that offers high-quality insights, tools, and guidance tailored for the evolving legal landscape of the UAE, KSA and Qatar.

Why Law at Work?

  • Employment law and practice are constantly evolving in the GCC region. Understanding the impact of these changes can be hard work, even for dedicated HR teams.
  • Law at Work is designed to make keeping up to date easier. It provides you with instant access to expert advice, automated documents, and the latest news on employment and immigration issues.
  • Law at Work helps you stay compliant and confident with your HR processes, empowering your teams and saving you time and money.

What does Law at Work offer?

  • Expert Advice: You can access online support from our employment team with 30 minutes of monthly helpline access.
  • Document Automation: You can use a suite of automated employment contracts and other documentation to effortlessly manage your workforce.
  • Latest News: You can stay ahead of the curve with our articles on the latest employment and immigration news.
  • Comprehensive Guides: You can access detailed step-by-step guides covering a wide range of topics, offering in-depth insights and guidance on complex legal matters.
  • Bite-Sized Learning: Enhance your understanding of key legal concepts through our bite-sized learning modules, designed for busy professionals like yourself.
  • Cost-Effective Pricing: You can benefit from our cost-effective pricing structure, ensuring value for money.
  • Empowering Solutions: You can use a 'do it yourself' model that allows you to empower your teams.

Where does Law at Work cover?

  • Law at Work currently covers the UAE, KSA, and Qatar.
  • We are working to include the rest of the GCC and selected Middle East and Africa countries.

How much does Law at Work cost?

  • Law at Work has a monthly subscription fee and is subject to a minimum subscription term.
  • We are currently offering early subscriber rates.

How can I subscribe to Law at Work?



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